Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Storm damage reporting,contract repair tips, and FEMA assistance

[via Susan Griffin, City of Charleston, Business and Neighborhood Services, (843) 720-3886]

The City of Charleston needs your assistance.  It is essential that the City contact its citizens to gather information on the effects to them and their property from the recent storm.  You are the front line between your neighbors who are residents and may also be business owners.  A damage survey has been attached as well as included in this e-mail to FOLLOW THIS LINK to respond back to the City “in real time” to get a picture of the situation to us.   Please send this to your memberships as quickly as possible asking them to also send this information to their circle of family, friends, and those with whom they do business locally.

In addition, a valuable informational flyer is attached for guidance on hiring contractors to perform repairs as well as important contact phone numbers.

Lastly, if you are able to volunteer to canvas your community to see conditions first-hand or you know residents who are already the “eyes & ears” of the neighborhood who are out and about willing to share a status report, it would be a tremendous service.

On behalf of Mayor Riley and the Emergency Operations Team for the City of Charleston, thank you very much.


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