Friday, January 27, 2017

Common Area Maintenance Project

Last fall Charleston sustained damage to trees during Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew. Some downed trees affected homeowner’s personal property as well as common areas maintained by the HOA. You may have noticed recently that a number of trees have become unhealthy or have died due to the many vines and overgrowth on some of the common area and that these trees are a liability to Stonefield.

A plan was developed to remove overgrowth and dead trees on specific common area sections to mitigate future damage to homeowner’s property. The board took quotes from multiple companies and selected the lowest bidder for the project.

The map above has delineated the areas to be cleaned located between Little David Court, Battery Glover Court, Battery Stevens Court, Batter Kirby Court, Battery Haig Court and Putnam Drive. Within these areas we will trim/remove a number of trees as well as much of the overgrowth and  cut back vines while leaving as many smaller trees along the edges of the common area as possible.  Moving forward we also plan to identify areas to maintain as walking paths and possibly install a few benches or picnic tables in the more open areas.

This work will begin the week of February 6, 2017.

After the cleaning project is completed, Rea Landscaping will implement a schedule to come in and cut back vines and other growth in order to keep these areas from becoming overgrown in the future. 
Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns you may have in the next couple of weeks.  We would like to have time to answer any questions before work commences.  We would also love to hear any ideas you may have as far as ways we might better use our common property.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

2016 Q4 Activity

The fourth quarter of 2016 was much busier than any of us could have expected with two named storms, Hermine and Matthew, coming through. For this reason many of the priorities set at the beginning of September took a back seat to more pressing matters. There will be more information forthcoming about the clean up project we are working on.

2016 Q4
-    Annual Meeting:
        assigned board positions
        priorities for the year:
            balancing the budget
            state of the covenants
-    Received, voted and approved/denied ARC requests (again, many solar panel requests approved)
-    Answered real estate agent requests involving numerous home sales/purchases
-    Removed liens from homeowners who became current on dues
-    Replaced mailbox at entrance
-    Carolyn Lee helped paint neighborhood sign and lay sod on entrance; moved irrigation and finished mulching.
-    Hurricanes Hermine (September) and Matthew (October) caused extensive damage in neighborhood
-    Addressed specific tree damage with home owners and began drafting plan to remove/trim trees that were threatening personal property
-    Began collecting bids for cleaning project from multiple companies

Also there are currently two non-official forums for residents on Nextdoor (Putnam) and Facebook. If you have another forum you would like mentioned, email us.