Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Natural Gas Service for Stonefield Subdivision

We are pleased to inform you that South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) may be able to provide natural gas to our neighborhood. In order to make this happen, they need significant participation (50%) of the homeowners of Stonefield.

If you are interested in using natural gas in your home, please complete the Individual Residential New Service Agreement return to Daniel O. Duggan, 2390 W. Aviation Avenue, Charleston, SC 29406. You can download this Agreement below.

1. What is the commitment? If you complete this Agreement and there are not enough participants, you are not bound because they will not be able to extend the natural gas main down Stiles Bee and Putnam Drives.

2. How much will a gas line cost? As long as you install your first appliance (water heater, range, furnace or logs) within 60 days there is not cost for SCE&G to run a new service from the street main to a meter at your house. However, you will need a quote from a plumber to run your gas “fuel line” from the meter to your appliance.

3. Does SCE&G have rebates? Yes, you can replace an electric water with a natural gas water heater and there is a $200 rebate, replace an electric HVAC system and there is also a $200 rebate. Natural gas cook top, $50 rebate, and natural gas logs $50 rebate as well.

For further information, you can contact Mr. Duggan at Daniel.Duggan@scana.com or (843) 576-8931

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