Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spring Meeting Summary

     A community meeting was held May 6 to gauge our property owners' wishes for how they would like to see the recently cleared common area maintained. Turnout was fair, with 10 property owners in attendance. We had five property owners weigh in by email and three others spoke with us in person who could not attend our meeting. The letter sent prior to the meeting can be found here, which can be used to reference the options mentioned below.

     There was discussion about what everyone’s concerns were going forward. The overall consensus is that residents would like to see native trees planted along the perimeter to provide a visual screen and to see the middle portion become a grassy field. They do not want to see walking paths installed and there was no interest in a community garden. They are ok with the use of buffers in some areas to help with noise reduction and to screen the view of back yards.  Most of those in attendance were concerned with the how bad the overgrowth had become and some were quite frustrated with the encroachment onto their properties and having to spend their own funds to keep it trimmed back.

Some comments from the meeting:
“I like a cleaner look, bring back some trees and maintain for a more kept look.”
“I want to see cleanliness, I’m ok with planting some trees, I want to see neighbors keep their back yards clean. I have friends that considered buying in Stonefield, they expressed their concern about the overgrown common area.”
“I would like a little privacy, I would like neighbors to keep up their property, I like the buffer of trees, I do not like Option 1.”
“Want my area cleaned up, I like to see a cleaner look, I want to see vines cleared, I would like to see nice native plants that are low maintenance.”
“I want to see grass, & smaller trees that can be easily maintained.”
“I enjoy the large open common area with trees and grass. It is a great place for my kids to play, it can be noisy when the fire pit is used, but I have small children so it tends to concern me more than it might others.”
“I like the idea of an open, park like area with native trees and flowers.”

     Those who we spoke with us in person all expressed pretty much the same thoughts as those in attendance. Of those who contacted us by email, three preferred Option 1 and 1 person preferred Option 3.

     There was discussion on how we might accomplish the goals set and we plan to implement some of these in the near future. The first is planting some native trees along the perimeter adjacent to homes who have committed to watering these plantings. It was also suggested by a resident that the board compile a list of acceptable plants to be planted on common area and let residents purchase and plant behind their homes. This is something we are considering and will keep everyone posted on. In accordance with our covenants, the board was very clear that no structures of any kind may be placed on the common area.

We will begin having this portion of common area mowed once the grading is complete to keep the weeds down and to encourage the growth of grass.

     The overgrown area between Battery Glover and Little David Ct. will be cleaned up in the next few weeks. Again, it is our intent to leave as many trees as possible as there are some really nice viable trees here. This work will be done by the same person who is doing the grading of the common area with the same smaller piece of equipment he used to do the grading. It is our hope to use pine straw which is readily available in this area and possibly wood chip mulch to keep the growth down in this area.

     Overall, the meeting was very positive and encouraging to all in attendance. For those who live adjacent to this portion of common area and were not able to attend, if you would like to see any plantings adjacent to your property and are willing to commit to watering them, please contact us at board@stonefieldhomes.org so that we can include you in this effort. We will keep you all posted on our progress. As always, please contact the board with any questions you may have, we are always ready to listen and do our best to address issues as they arise.

Stonefield Board of Directors

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  1. Would like some attention paid to restoring the native habitat for small animals and birds.