Monday, October 11, 2010

What do YOU think about our Covenants?

We have completed an in-depth review of the Stonefield governing documents. These documents included: an Introduction, By-Laws, Covenants for the community at large, and Covenants for both single family and patio homes.
Where City of Charleston or County ordinances already exist that mirror (or are stricter than) Stonefield rules, enforcement is easily achieved using their guidelines. However, in situations where Stonefield rules are stricter than a local ordinance or if a local ordinance does not exist, Stonefield is responsible for it’s own enforcement of the rules.
Below is a summary and survey (pdf) of the major nine Stonefield covenants that differ sufficiently from local ordinances such that Stonefield enforcement is required. We need your feedback on those.
Please download the survey, print it, complete it and put it in the Stonefield mailbox. If possible, feel free to comment on what you feel would be an appropriate consequence (penalty) to violation on any of those covenants.
Remember this is a survey and not a formal vote of any kind. Your feedback will greatly help to develop the next direction for proposals to amend the Covenants.
The complete Stonefield Covenants and a spreadsheet showing side-by-side comparisons of Stonefield and City rules are available at the following locations.
This is THE Survey we would like you to complete.
Printable Survey PDF
This is the complete worksheet that we used to compare all the covenants with the City's. You do NOT have to read this or even look at it. We are only providing it to make sure everybody has access if they want to.
- Full side-by-side-comparison spreadsheet
These are the two City of Charleston rules and zoning websites.
Thank you for your input.
The 2010 Stonefield Board
Tom Steenhuysen, President and Secretary
Fred Dockery, Vice-President
Mike Arendt, Treasurer
Lesa Jones, ARB Chair