Monday, August 3, 2015

Notice from the Police Department

Attention James Island Neighborhoods,

In the past few weeks (June/July) there have been several incidents of thefts from mostly unlocked vehicles in neighborhoods off Ft. Johnson Rd. and Secessionville Rd., as well as Meridian Place and Riverland Woods. These thieves are mobile and quiet. The best way to combat them is to remove the opportunity by ALWAYS locking every car-door, keep windows all the way up, and remove ALL valuables and FIREARMS from the vehicle. Every time.

Also, keep some exterior lights on at night, keep shrubbery trimmed to reduce hiding areas, pay attention to dogs who alert during the night. Educate your children on the importance of securing vehicles, their electronics, bikes and other property, and closing the garage door. Finally, know where your teenage children are at night and set reasonable limits to reduce the likelihood of them becoming involved.

Pass this on to your neighbors.

Sgt. Shelor
Charleston Police
Crime Prevention Unit

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